Youngkin adds another loss to his list of failed confirmations

With the defeat of Republican Kevin Adams in the Virginia Senate special election, Glenn Youngkin adds another name to his laundry list of candidates who failed after receiving his confirmation.

The loss of Adams makes it difficult for Youngkin to enforce the abortion ban he is demanding.

Washington Post: “The election to fill the Swing district seat vacated by Republican Jen A. Kiggans after her election to Congress in November comes amid a proposal by Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) that Proceedings to ban Virginia after 15 weeks of pregnancy, with exceptions for rape, incest and to save the mother’s life.

But Youngkin, a potential presidential nominee for 2024, has indicated he’s ready to go further. At a gathering in June to celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision to overthrow Roe v. calfIn the landmark ruling that legalized abortion nationwide, Youngkin said he believes life begins at conception and said he would “joyfully” sign any bill [to protect life] that’s going on my desk.’”

Virginia Republicans can’t count on Youngkin to carry them across the finish line as extremist Yesli Vega and Hung Cao – both of whom he supported – lost their respective congressional races.

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Fauquier Now: Governor Youngkin demonstrates for Congressional candidate Hung Cao in Warrenton

Adams now joins Youngkin’s losers’ club, which includes prominent stand-outs Kari Lake and Tudor Dixon.

Washington Post: “[Youngkin] avoided acknowledging Biden’s legitimacy until he won the primary and avoided saying whether he would have voted to confirm the Electoral College election had he been in Congress…Now that Youngkin has met with donors, who are contemplating a presidential bid, he battles with gubernatorial candidates who have brazenly attacked Trump’s electoral lies, like Kari Lake in Arizona and Tudor Dixon in Michigan.”

In Maine, Youngkin hugged former governor-turned-failed gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage, who called for limiting abortion access in Pine Tree state and called black and Hispanic people “the enemy.”

Washington Post: Youngkin wants to bolster Maine’s LePage despite racial hate rhetoric

Maine Beacon: LePage expresses support for abortion restrictions, opposition to wage increases

Maine News Center: “‘I don’t have time for an abortion. It’s as simple as that,” LePage said.

Youngkin’s support also fell flat in New Mexico, where he supported anti-abortion Republican Mark Ronchetti.

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Virginia Gov. Youngkin campaigns for Ronchetti in New Mexico “Life should be protected – at all stages. When it comes to abortion, he is pro-life.”

As Youngkin continues to seek to raise his national profile ahead of the 2024 Republican primary, his track record of supporting extremists and losers speaks to the Virginia governor’s own agenda and political weakness.